Elbow Stem Cell Treatment with Dr. Lox
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Elbow Stem Cell Treatment

Are you suffering from Tennis Elbow Pain or had an Elbow Injury? Before you go and have surgery, find out if your own body can heal you by consulting with Dennis M Lox M.D. at our Sports and Regenerative Medicine Center of Excellence located in Beverly Hills, California and find out if Stem Cell Therapy can prevent you from having surgery.

Stem cell treatment is gold standard for bone healing. Autogenic stem cells are of particular importance. They are taken by Bone Marrow Aspiration (BMA) of iliac crest. After aspiration, they are injected into the site where bone growth is needed. These cells contain all the necessary elements needed for the bone growth including growth factors, cells e.g. osteoblasts and osteoprogenitor cells etc. Bone Marrow Aspirate is taken and then centrifuged to get concentrated bone marrow cells to be injected.

Autogenic means stem cells are taken from one’s own body e.g. stem cells taken from iliac crest of a person are used for treatment of the bony deformities of the other body parts.

The number of these stem cells in bone marrow aspirate is crucial for successful treatment. Unfortunately, the number may be reduced in persons suffering from chronic diseases and aged people, and this may affect the quality of the bone made by these stem cells and success of treatment.

Elbow treatment using Stem Cells

Stem cell treatment is of particular importance for treatment of Tennis Elbow.

Tennis elbow was once thought as a tendinitis and granulative inflammation. But now it is clear that it is caused by lateral epicondylitis or tendinosis. It is the commonest cause of chronic pain on lateral elbow and inability of wrist extension. Hand grip becomes weak.

Unfortunately, conventional treatment methods including NSAIDs and other painkillers and surgery etc. don’t have a good cure rate. So, the use of bone marrow mononuclear stem cells (BM-MNCs) is getting more and more popularity because of its effectiveness in treatment. These cells have potential of growth and repair. They give the best results when used along with anabolic growth factors. PRP (platelet rich plasma) and BM-MNCs are new treatment strategies for the tennis elbow and soon may replace the conventional treatment methods completely.

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