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Ankle Stem Cell Treatment

Are you suffering from Ankle Pain or had an Ankle Injury? Before you go and have surgery, find out if your own body can heal you by consulting with Dennis M Lox M.D. at our Sports and Regenerative Medicine Center of Excellence located in Beverly Hills, California and find out if Stem Cell Therapy can prevent you from having surgery.

Ankle stem cell injection treatment is among the latest additions in the management of chronic ankle joint pain. As part of other regenerative medicine techniques, it is gaining popularity over the traditional management approach to such pains.

Safe to Patients
Unlike the usual methods of treating chronic ankle and other joints pains, ankle stem cell injections do not pose complications associated with these therapies. Let’s consider a few of these methods and the likely side effects and complications they can cause.

1. Use of non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, NSAIDs. These have the potential to cause gastric ulcerations among other health problems.

2. Corticosteroids. Not only can these substances lower your immunity when used for long, but they can also further complicate bone health and that of other body organs.

3. Surgery. This is usually employed as a definitive management for chronic pain due to injury or degenerative bone and joint conditions. Despite its importance and role in certain situations, it has inherent complications. Some of these include potential anesthetic risks, bleeding, joint stiffness, injury to nerves and blood vessels and an increased risk of thrombo-embolic accidents. Other complications may include acute joint infections or even chronic ones like osteomyelitis. Joint functions may also be affected leading to weakness.

When these complications are considered, the transient ones associated with stem cell injections pale in comparison. These self-limiting side effects include, pain, mild bleeding from site of stem cell harvesting and sometimes a slightly raised body temperature and rash may be noticed after the injection. As already said these symptoms are transient and usually disappear after a few hours or at most a few days.

Better joint function restoration
There is a significant difference between the conventional medical management of chronic ankle joint pain and stem cell injections. The former approach aims at only reducing joint inflammation and destruction. Although degeneration may be slowed, it is never stopped completely. But it is different with stem cells joint therapy.

Stem cell injections help to stop the joint degeneration and then assist it to regenerate. This means that cartilage and associated connective tissues can be restored to their former status. This offers long-term benefits without any of the serious side effects of drug and surgical management discussed above.

The use of stem cell in ankle joint problems may also offer better prospects for people suffering from diabetes or those who smoke as these people tend to have more complications post-surgery.

Shorter post treatment hospital stay and follow-up.
When compared to surgery, stem cell injections therapy leads to a shorter stay in hospital and also fewer post treatment hospital visits. While surgery may necessitate the involvement of the physiotherapy and occupational therapy specialists, this may not be necessary with stem cell treatment of chronic joint pains. Even when necessary, it may be for a relatively shorter time.

As research continues, ankle stem cell injections for chronic ankle joint pain is likely to be adopted in many more centres in the U.S and even globally.

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